Carolyn “Camo” Morton

My work is about transformation through the process of making; transforming materials as well as our experiences and the places we inhabit. My studio is a space for reflective thinking and making, my participatory work is about connecting and sharing. They are fed by and feed into each other with an overlap in co-created work.

The current focus of my work is to improve individual, community and environmental well-being through creative activity and social connection. Creativity allows us to define our own parameters for success, realising our potential and individual agency. The quality of conversation whilst making with our hands is different from direct dialogue, becoming more expansive, open to exchange and new ideas. Making with our hands to make sense of our lives.

At different times in my life i’ve also hitch-hiked through Central America, driven the Kalahari Highway, walked to The Lost City, swum with sea lions, hosted night time woodland cafes, supported older people with a range of care needs, taught English, milked goats, slept in the Amazon, danced with fire and swum in phosphorescent seas.

Carolyn Morton

A3 Project Space and Studios
Unit A3, 2 Bowyer Street
B10 0SA

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A3 Project Space is on the second floor of a Victorian canal-side warehouse and access is via stairs only. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to install a lift, however, we can supply detailed information and images of our exhibition and events digitally.

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