Guerilla Civic

Redhawk Logistica
Fri 1 Aug, 6pm - 8pm
Sat 2 Aug 1pm - 4pm

Redhawk Logistica will be roaming public areas within the vicinity of A3 during July to create a series of discrete interventions and inviting people to a workshop/practical activity at A3 Projects Space where there will be opportunities to discuss the work and the themes of his project.

Join Rob Hewitt from Redhawk Logistica at A3 Project Space to see images from his civic space research generated while roaming around Digbeth (and beyond). You will be able to join the production line and help to create some new art works that will be installed in public spaces around the area and environs (no special skills required). During the session we will be discussing some of the themes of Guerilla Civic and asking the question 'what does it mean to be an active citizen' ?

Redhawk Logistica was founded by Rob Hewitt in 2008 as an unlimited vehicle to create artworks that investigate what contemporary civic space means. He has been engaging communities through the arts since 1990, this has included working on many projects that involve cultural heritage, cross cultural and inter-generational aspects.

Through Redhawk Logistica he has created a series of street interventions throughout the UK which forefront the potential of the individual within the corporatized environments of our cities. These interventions are photographed and re-presented as large scale paste-ups, giving them an expanded life.

An ongoing strand of the work is a campaign for more public colour and we have now introduced 100 new colours to public spaces in Birmingham and Stoke on Trent, each colour being unique. Many of these have been on people's front doors, although some have been strategic public space improvements, the result of unsanctioned guerrilla citizenship.


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