Nowhere Bar

S Mark Gubb & Gordon Dalton
Fri 5 Sept 6pm - 12pm
Sat 6 Sept 3pm - 12pm

For 'one-nite only' over 2 consecutive nights S Mark Gubb & Gordon Dalton briefly provide Birmingham with a new social space, a place somewhere in time where anything and nothing but a good time happens.This is Nowhere Bar. Leave your pretensions at home and wear your heart on your sleeve. Sprain your mind. Have a good time all of the time.

From the frozen Tundra of the North Pole to the dusty open plains of Idaho, seasoned road warriors, S Mark Gubb & Gordon Dalton are honoured to bring Nowhere Bar to its spiritual home, the blast furnace landscape of Birmingham, capital of Heavy Metal. Everyone knows this is nowhere.

Over the last ten years, artists S Mark Gubb & Gordon Dalton have undertaken numerous projects together that combine the sublime and the ridiculous. From radio programmes to road trips, their work mines a space somewhere between aspirational day dreaming and mundane everyday life. Failure hangs heavy in their work but rather than being a deterrent, acts as a spur to keep on keeping on.

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A3 Project Space is on the second floor of a Victorian canal-side warehouse and access is via stairs only.

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