Queer Song Lab

Adam Carver | June - August 2020

Queer Song Lab explores ways to think differently about song writing practice. Participants will co-devise tools, resources, and thinking to equip a wider network of artists and facilitators to deliver QSL participation in the future. 

Adam will be researching and talking with other queer songwriters to discuss ideas and share best practice. 
From this he will develop a practical songwriting lab, a step-by-step resource of exercises, ideas, and experiments which will have options for independent participation and for group exercises to enable artists to develop their practices in isolation and to facilitate group spaces in the future (when regulations allow). 

This resource will be accompanied by a short piece of writing explaining the purpose of the QSL and the queer potential of songwriting as a participatory practice. Both with be published together digitally and available as a resource on the A3 projects website.

People can register their interest at adam@adamgcarver.com

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