Record Player Orchestra and Sellotape Cinema

Friday 4 July
Hosted by Vivid Projects
6pm - Drop-in session
8pm - Performance

A3 Project Space presents a collaborative performance by Record Player Orchestra and Sellotape Cinema at Vivid Projects as part of Digbeth First Friday. A drop-in workshop runs from 6pm followed by a live performance at 8pm.

Trevor Pitt has brought together Record Player Orchestra and Sellotape Cinema to collaborate on a 'You Are Here' pilot project; a programme of commissions by A3 that supports artists to experiment and develop new work and their relationships with audiences.

6pm - Drop in session with Roger Clarke & Steve Chamberlain
Experiment with playing at record player as a musical instrument and create Kaleidoscopic visuals with electric and mechanical devices made by Sellotape Cinema.

8pm - Collaborative Performance by Record Player Orchestra & Sellotape Cinema
A newly formed RPO will perform improvisational works that will be led by machines made by Sellotape Cinema that will generate visual scores, cues for players and an opportunity for onlookers to participate. Sellotape Cinema will be projecting its distinctive visuals during the event and introducing the following devices.

Record Player Orchestra
Record Player Orchestra is a project by Roger Clarke that was originally conceived of as an installation of more than 100 record players with which participants could interact by going round these record players and placing their stylus on different tracks on a provided vinyl record.
In the Record Player Orchestra the record player becomes an instrument in which engagement with stylus being physically placed on the vinyl is key. No prior skill or expertise is needed to do this and by discovering how to play the record player, participants can start to understand the qualities and particularities of this instrument.

Sellotape Cinema
Sellotape Cinema are artists Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain. Sellotape Cinema creates film and projections worked directly onto sticky tape and played through specially adapted projectors.
In response to the RPO workshops Sellotape Cinema artists Stephen Snell and Steven Chamberlain have been developing visual systems by which record players in the Record Player Orchestra Sellotape can be directed to play. They have constructed a number of machines to generate visual scores, cues for players and an opportunity for onlookers to participate.

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