Square Wave

Brian Duffy / Juneau Projects
19 - 27 July 2013

Electronic instruments created by Brian Duffy and Juneau Projects. .

Devoid of sound and giving the viewer a rare opportunity to appreciate their object qualities close at hand the musical instruments are arranged in the formation of a live performance of Modified Toy Orchestra's album 'Plastic Planet' and for Juneau Brothers' latest project 'Blackbird in Infospace'. Listening stations are set up to hear how the instruments sound when played by the bands and the A3 office is temporarily become a 'gig merchandising stand' selling their albums and paraphernalia.

The exhibition also includes instruments made by MTO for their Stockhausen composition and their Aldeburgh collaboration with composer Richard baker along with hand crafted instruments made by Juneau Projects as part of the Stanley Picker Fellowship.

A3 Project Space


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A3 Project Space is on the second floor of a Victorian canal-side warehouse and access is via stairs only.

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